Honda engine air filter of the Rotair VRK compressor 162-0165-S

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Original Rotair VRK compressor’s engine air filter 162-0165-S

Suitable for models VRK Fibra, VRK Fibra Plus, VRK 16 and VRK 20

The engine air filter of the Honda GX630 and GX690 Rotair compressor should be replaced on average every 500 hours of compressor operation or once a year.

The use of original parts guarantees, above all, optimal operation and operational performance of the machine for a long time.

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Honda engine air filter of the Rotair VRK air compressor

The engine filter on the Rotair VRK air compressor plays a key role in ensuring optimum performance and longevity of the unit.

This advanced filter is designed specifically for Rotair compressors, including the VRK model, to effectively protect the engine from dirt, dust and small particles that can affect its performance.

The main features of the original filter for the Honda engine are:

1. Filtration efficiency: The filter is constructed of high-quality materials that guarantee effective air filtration. It removes dirt and dust, trapping them on its surface and protecting the engine from getting into the driveline.

2. Efficiency optimization: With proper air filtration, the engine receives clean and clear air, which translates into better performance and economy. An effective filter allows the engine to run with less resistance and minimized wear, which has a positive effect on fuel consumption.

3. Durability and easy maintenance: The Rotair VRK engine filter is designed for long life and low running costs. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and replacing the filter, maintains its high efficiency for a long time.

4. Honda Engine Compatibility: The filter is properly matched to the Honda engine, ensuring optimal performance of the entire system. It is important to keep the original parts and accessories to ensure the best performance and safety of the device.

The engine filter in the Rotair VRK screw air compressor is a key element to keep the device in perfect condition. Effective air filtration not only ensures higher efficiency and economy, but also extends the life of the engine. It is important to regularly check the condition of the filter and take care of its proper maintenance, so that the compressor can operate without failure for many years.

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