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Screw compressor 8 bar 1 m3 Rotair Gommair 10 with aftercooler

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Screw compressor Rotair Gommair 10

Version with aftercooler and water cyclone separator with automatic water discharge.

Airflow – 1000l/min
Working pressure – 8 bar / 116 psi
Diesel engine – Yanmar 570 cc
Engine power – (3200 rpm) – 10.5 kW – 14.7 hp
Cooling – Water
Consumption – 2 l/h at 60% load; 3.3 l/h at 100% load

Screw compressor Gommair 10 – 8 bar 1000 l/min

Rotair stationary diesel screw compressor Gommair 10 with aftercooler and water separator has been designed for sandblasting and PUR foam.

The modular solution allows for its direct use not only on permanent stations, but also on means of transport, such as vans or special working machines, without the need for special mountings.

The diesel air compressor, thanks to its small size and the technology used, is an irreplaceable compressed air unit for highly professional applications. It is characterized by easy operation using a forklift and a quiet and efficient Yanmar Euro 5 diesel engine.

Solid and stable construction with easy access to replaceable elements

  • The ‘Easy Service’ design of this mobile compressor ensures maximum availability for easy maintenance. Compact square housing.
  • The compressor has no wheels, while the galvanized housing and the structure subject to an advanced painting procedure provide excellent protection for a long time of use.
  • The extremely effective pneumatic control system developed by Rotair is used to automatically regulate the engine speed, depending on the volume of air supplied, therefore this system is reliable and ensures low fuel consumption.
  • The pressurized oil circuit ensures efficient oil lubrication, while the air/oil separator filter ensures perfect separation of air and oil.
  • The presented combustion compressor includes a palletized set that allows handling with the use of a forklift from each side.
  • Industry-leading compact square design
  • Small size, no wheels
  • The integrated compressor module manufactured by Rotair guarantees high efficiency and the highest reliability, with reduced operating costs. Service interval 250H
  • 1 compressor oil filter.
  • 1 single-stage air filter for bulky compressor parts for effective filtering of air sucked through the screw assembly.
  • Spin-on engine and compressor oil filters for quicker and easier maintenance.
  • 1 two-stage engine air filter.
  • Cold start safety device.
  • Combined cooler for both compressor oil cooling and engine liquid cooling.


24 months for the combustion engine (max. 1,500 mth)
24 months for the screw set – extendable to 5 years
12 months for accessories

Optional air compressor equipment:

  1. Variable working pressure
  2. Version without cooler and cyclone separator
  3. Intelligent Start/Stop system to automatically warm up the unit and prevent improper start-up by the operator.

Available options with working pressure:

  • 7 bar 1100 l/min
  • 11 bar 930 l/min
  • 13 bar 800 l/min

Other compressor models available in our online shop.

Weight 315 kg
Dimensions 105 × 71 × 130 cm


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