Ozone system – Ozone dispenser SAO-4

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Ozone system – SAO-4

Perfect in the fight against COVID-19 and everyday use

This is a set that includes – Lotus Pro water ozonation dispenser – 1 pc.

Dimensions: 57 x 47 x 25 cm

Weight: 14.5 kg

Efficiency: up to 14 L/min

Replacement cartridge for water stabilization model SAO-4 – 2 pcs.

Capacity : 6000 L

Disinfection capacity 4 hours – Cleaning capacity up to 3 days

The cost of producing 1 liter is PLN 0.36

Kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria

Proven in laboratories as a highly effective disinfectant,

Eliminates germs, odors, stains and mold,

Quickly kills 99.999% of harmful virus including COVID 19 and bacteria including E.coli, Salmonella and MRSA (staph)

Quality confirmed by EPA Site, Green Seal Certification standards GS-37 and GS-53

Safe and harmless to humans

Tested in laboratories as safe for humans,

It safely converts back to water and oxygen, thus protecting the environment and water resources.

As a non-toxic, harmless product no COSHH (hazardous substances) training required

Cheap to use, works without expensive disinfectants


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Ozone system – SAO-4 ozone dispenser

Ozonation system. The patented Lotus Pro dispenser with SAO™ Stabilizing Cartridge produces Stabilized Aqueous Ozone™ (SAO) whenever you want it and in large quantities.

Fill sanitizing spray bottles with ozone, as well as mop buckets and even floor mopping machines.

Never again do you need to store, buy and mix traditional cleaning and disinfection chemicals.

Ozonation – Reducing the impact of chemicals on the health of employees, customers or visitors. First of all, no effect on the corrosive effect of chemicals on cleaned surfaces and equipment.

The Lotus Pro dispenser with SAO stabilizing cartridge is primarily a simple, safe and most sustainable alternative to traditional chemicals for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting large surfaces.

However, more about ozone and ozonation and disinfection on our blog


Ozonation is a system that contributes primarily to saving a huge amount of water used for the production of chemical compounds and alcohols that disinfect large surfaces.



1. From now on, cold tap water is enough to enter the cartridge for modification. After treatment, the water is stabilized and can be used for disinfection for up to 3 days.

2. As treated water flows through the “smart” dispenser, sensors monitor the systems to ensure that the water has been filled with the correct amount of ozone.

3. The ozonator dispenser is ready to fill mop buckets, spray bottles, auto scrubbers and more with SAO™ for cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing

Let’s protect our surroundings by eliminating chemicals and unnecessary packaging from it, they pollute the natural environment. By using the tersano system, we will save millions of liters of water used for the production of packaging and cleaning agents.

Below is a video with the principle of operation of the Tersano system – You can turn on Polish subtitles on the bar on the right.

No more storing, mixing or disposing of conventional detergents.


The SAO dispenser primarily replaces universal cleaners for glass and stainless steel as well as all deodorants. Reduce your detergent storage space and reduce your cleaning expenses. The SAO dispenser cleans, disinfects and deodorizes.

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 50 cm

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