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Roll for cable rollers ROLST.A.3

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Technical data:

  • a roller made of solid material
  • length 185mm
  • diameter 110mm / 80mm
  • The roller is made of one piece of steel, which translates into greater strength and higher loads
  • roller protected against corrosion by zinc plating
  • enclosed ball bearings

Kit includes idler with bearings, rod and nuts.

The roll is the most important and the most necessary element for the efficient laying and pulling of electric cables on the construction site.

Universal roll for cable rolles

The roll ROLST.A.3 is made of galvanized steel and equipped with the highest quality bearings, which guarantees durability and efficiency.

The maximum declared compressive load of the roller for cable reels of our manufacturer is about 1700kg

High-quality cable roll made of galvanized steel ensures durability, resistance to cutting and corrosion, which allows for its long-term and trouble-free use.

Cable roll made of solid materials and equipped with special rollers that are resistant to weather conditions, mud, dirt and water.

What’s more, the reel roller is universal and fits all our C108 – C109 – C110 cable reels.

Our offer of cable rolls

Cable rollers are not only basic tools for laying cables on the construction site, but also elements that contribute to the safety of employees. A properly equipped roller prevents damage to the cables, which minimizes the risk of failures and accidents.

It is also worth remembering that cable reels are exposed to various weather conditions, such as rain, wind, pollution or corrosion. Therefore, when choosing a skate, it is worth paying attention to its resistance to external factors such as mud, dirt and water.

Check out our range of cable rollers on our Online shop.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 18,5 × 11 × 11 cm


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