Straight aluminum cable roller C108.B.1.1 on galvanized tubes

43,47$ 43,47$

C108.B aluminum cable roller – with galvanized steel base

load – 500 kg

Weight – 3,6 kg

Dimensions LxWxH (cm) – 27 x 29 x 26

Straight aluminum cable roller C108.B.1.1 on galvanized pipes

Aluminum cable roller on a frame made of galvanized steel tubes.

Aluminum cable rolls are an ideal solution for companies and installers who deal with laying cables and wires. We offer cable reels in various sizes and capacities to meet the different requirements and needs of our customers.

The cable rollers are made of high-quality aluminum, which ensures lightness and ease of carrying. This allows installers to move freely around the workplace and lay cables and wires with ease.

The steel tubes on which the rollers are placed are galvanized, which provides protection against corrosion and extends the life of the product. This means that our cable reels will serve for many years, regardless of operating conditions.

Our cable rollers are easy to use and offer stable support for cables and wires. This avoids tangled or damaged cables, which contributes to the quick and efficient laying of electrical installations.

More cable rolls can be found in our online store.

Weight 3,6 kg
Dimensions 27 × 29 × 26 cm


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