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Hybrid LED lighting tower 8 m X-TS 4x100W

Hybrid stationary lighting tower X-TS

Power type: hybrid

  • Battery: 2 x AGM 24V 140 Ah
  • Diesel engine: Yanmar L70AE
  • Alternator: Linz
  • Photovoltaic panel: 1 x 350W

Lighting height: 8 m
LED lamps: 4 x 100 W
Operating time on a full tank: 183 hours
Effective area lighting: up to 2,400 m²
Dimensions (cm): 118 x 134 x 267
Waterproof:  IP66/IP67

Stationary LED lighting tower 8 m X-TS 4x100W

TRIME X-TS stationary lighting tower we present is a technologically advanced solution that combines reliability and innovation. Thanks to the use of proven components, such as:

  • Yanmar diesel engine: One of the world’s leading engine manufacturers, known for reliability and efficiency. It guarantees long-term and stable operation of the mast.
  • Linz Alternator: High-quality alternator that provides constant current for lighting while ensuring energy efficiency and trouble-free operation.
  • AGM Battery: Maintenance-free lead-acid battery that offers long life and fast charging. Perfect for applications requiring multiple discharge and charge cycles.
  • Photovoltaic panel: Provides an additional, ecological power source, thanks to which the lighting mast can operate for a longer time without the need to use an external power source. This is a perfect solution for places away from the power grid.

This mast is an ideal solution for places that require reliable and long-lasting lighting. Thanks to the combination of traditional and renewable energy sources, it is an economical and environmentally friendly product.

Standard equipment:

  • Floodlights with multi-directional adjustment and tilt
  • Electrically tiltable head
  • 6-section hydraulic vertical mast 8.0 m
  • Galvanized steel structure
  • Powder coating 80 µm thick
  • Forklift pockets ensure efficient handling
  • Plug & Play, color-coded cables and connectors
  • Main coiled cable guided to avoid damage during tower operation
  • Certified stability in wind up to 80 km/h
  • 4 stabilizers with adjustable height
  • Emergency stop button
  • Timer
  • Twilight sensor
  • Built-in solar panel
  • DSE 3110 control panel

Other lighting masts are available in the online store.

Weight 853 kg
Dimensions 235 × 254 × 800 cm


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