Lighting tower

The Trime Lighting tower is a reliable and efficient solution for your lighting needs in a variety of situations. Made of the highest quality materials, they ensure stability and safety during use.

Trime light poles offer many options, so you can adapt them to different needs. For example

X-MAST masts have 4 or 8 LED lamps of different power, and their height reaches 9 meters, which ensures a wide range of lighting.

X-CHAIN, on the other hand, have 4 LED lamps with a power of 160W or 150W, and their height is 7 meters. Also available is the X-CHAIN ATEX model, designed specifically for potentially explosive areas.

Trime lighting tower is also an environmentally friendly solution – they have zero emissions and zero noise, which allows them to be used in places that require night lighting, such as parking lots, construction sites, festivals or outdoor events.

Thanks to their durability and reliability, Trime lighting towers are very popular among the construction industry, event organizers and equipment rental companies. If you need reliable and effective lighting, Trime light masts are an excellent choice.

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