Lighting masts for outdoor events

Trime lighting masts are the perfect solution for outdoor events where bright and safe lighting is needed. Trime offers a variety of models, including portable and compact light towers such as X-CITY or X-CHAIN, which provide excellent lighting quality, easy operation and low running costs.

Trime lighting masts for outdoor events are equipped with energy-saving LED lamps that provide bright and at the same time economical lighting. Thanks to this, outdoor events can last longer, without worrying about high electricity costs. Trime light poles are also quiet and emission free which is important in open spaces where noise and air pollution can be a concern.

Trime’s outdoor event Lighting masts are easy to use and assemble, meaning they can be quickly and easily installed anywhere. Trime also offers models that can be chained together for greater lighting coverage at outdoor events.

An important element of Trime’s offer is also technical support and after-sales service, which ensures the reliability and safety of Trime lighting masts. Thanks to this, organizers of outdoor events can be sure that their light masts will operate smoothly and provide bright and safe lighting at the event.

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