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Cooler with dryer FRIULAIR – AFR 11 – 1100 L

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Aftercooler with water cyclone separator >99%

Air flow : 1100 l/min
Working pressure : 7 bar – max 15 bar
Power: 1/ 230-240 /50
Fan : 40W

Cooler with dryer, for lowering the temperature of the compressed air and drying the air.
High-quality cooler.

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Cooler with dryer FRIULAIR – AFR 11 – 1100 L/min

Cooler dryer from FRIULAIR , designed to lower the temperature of the compressed air and to dry the air of moisture .

For operation with compressors and air compressors, as an aftercooler

Created to reduce the temperature of compressed air, but also to dry the working environment of the equipment from moisture.

The AFR 21 cooler consists of a heat exchanger, which is made of a copper tube and cooling aluminum parts.

The installed axial fan primarily causes that the environment around the heat exchanger receives the necessary cooling effect.

Cooling compressed air by approx. 10 °C compared to the surrounding air.

The cooling effect condenses a high percentage of water vapor into liquid, which is then separated from the air by a special CCS centrifuge mounted at the outlet of the cooler.

On the other hand, the high quality of the AFR 21 cooler ensures maximum protection for all equipment cooperating with it.

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Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 55 × 30 × 81 cm


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