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Which air compressor for fiber optic blower to choose?

The air compressor for fiber optics blower is ideal tool for companies dealing with fiber optic installation and tube bundles.

Thanks to the fact that it allows for easy and quick blowing, it reduces the costs and time needed to carry out such work. However, to be able to use the compressor to its full potential, it is necessary to choose the right model to match the blower.

Thanks to them, it is possible to introduce optical fiber to the existing network in a quick, easy and safe way for other installations.

What is an air compressor for fiber optic cable blowing?

The air compressor for the fiber optic blowing machine is a device used to blow fiber optic cables into microducts, pipes and tube packages.

This process involves the introduction of pressurized air into microducts or other sheaths, which allows the insertion of a fiber optic cable. The compressor generates high and stable compressed air pressure, which allows the cable to be pushed through long distances and complicated pipe routes using a blower.

Air compressors based on screw technology for fiber optic blowing machines differ from traditional piston compressors primarily in efficiency, pressure and technologies used that ensure safe insertion of the cable into the protective pipe without damaging it.

Types of compressors for blowing optical fibers

Screw air compressors

Screw compressors are more complex than piston compressors, but they are more efficient and durable. In this case, the air is compressed by a screw that rotates inside the screw assembly. Screw compressors are recommended for longer periods of work because they are quieter and generate less heat than piston compressors.

They have minimal electronics and offer one or two working pressures. Most often, customers match screw compressors to a specific device with appropriate capacity (blowing machines, jacking machines, sandblasters).

Screw air compressors with variable geometry

Variable geometry compressors are the most advanced and most expensive compressors. In this case, the compressor geometry is adapted to the machine requirements by the electronic control system.

The change in working pressure in variable geometry screw compressors is of great importance if we use different blowing machines and other pneumatic machines.

The most common customers for this type of solutions are large companies that have a large number of tools and devices that require different performance and working pressure – for companies that use one blowing machine, purchasing such a combustion compressor will not be “profitable”

Advantages of using compressors for fiber optic blowing machines.

Using an air compressor with a fiber optic blower and microtubes has many advantages. Firstly, the air compressor allows for faster and more efficient blowing of materials, which translates into time and money savings.

This solution is safer than dragging and most importantly. the distances that reach when blowing optical fibers are between 1500m and 2500m depending on the used blower with well-fitting compressor.

Secondly, the air compressor for blowing optical fibers and tubes is very efficient and does not require much effort on the part of the operator. Very often, jetting machines are automated devices that can accurately determine the parameters of their work as well as the stability and efficiency of the blown air.

Compressor with compressed air aftercooler

The air compressor works by increasing the air pressure, which at the same time increases the temperature of the air leaving the compressor. Higher air temperatures can cause many problems, such as:

Shortening the life of the fiber optics, as higher temperatures can lead to the melting of the sheaths and the fiber itself if the temperature of the compressed air is too high.

An aftercooler is therefore essential to lower the temperature of the compressed air, which in turn increases the safety of the entire project.

The only compressor on the market with a fully integrated cooler that cools the air to an ambient temperature of +0°C/+2°C is the VRK FIBRA PLUS from the Italian manufacturer Rotair, while competitive solutions reach temperatures above +20°C from the ambient temperature and require the use of additional coolers external, which are not the cheapest.

The Rotair solution awarded with the title of “Expert’s Laurel” for the innovative VRK FIBRA model is compact and valued in the hands of professional companies and amateurs dealing with telecommunications installations.

Table with air compressors matched to the blower

Type and diameterAirflow/minmax. pressure
(depending on the type of blower)
Suggested air compressor
for 8 mm microduct0,8 m315 barVRK 20VRK FIBRAVRK FIBRA PLUS
for 8-12 mm ducts1 m315 barVRK 20VRK FIBRAVRK FIBRA PLUS
for tubes 12-15 mm1,5 – 2,5 m37 bar or 14 barMDVN 26 Eco5MDVN 26 Eco 5
for tubes 15-20 mm 3,5 – 5 m37 bar or 10 barMDVN 53 Eco 5
for casing pipe 32-50 mm7 – 11 m37 bar or 10 barMDVN 83 Eco5 or MDVS 125 Eco5
Table with the selection of the right air compressor for blower


Air compressors for blowing optical fibers and tubes are an indispensable tool in the telecommunications industry. They allow for quick and effective blowing of cables and pipes into the ground, as well as for moving them inside the network.

For optimal performance and durability, these compressors should be equipped with appropriate compressed air coolers to protect the optical fibers from overheating.

Choosing the right air compressor for blowing optical fibers and tubes depends on your individual needs and working conditions, such as terrain type, cable length and tube diameter. Thanks to the use of appropriate air compressors, the process of blowing cables and pipes becomes simpler, faster and more effective, which translates into time and cost savings.

Air compressors for fiber optic cable blowing

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