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Cooler with dryer FRIULAIR Dryers – ACT80 -8100 l/min

3 700,73$ 3 700,73$

Aftercooler with water cyclone separator >99% – ACT80

Air flow : 8100 l/min
Working pressure : 0.08 bar
Power : 1/230-240/50
Dimensions: 555 / 625/975/245/ 100/865 cm
Weight: 103 kg

Cooler with dryer FRIULAIR Dryers – ACT80 – 8100 l/min

FRIULAIR , has expanded its offer compressed air dryers, introducing a new range: ACT (Aluminium Cooling Technologies) Dryer Cooler.

This highly efficient cooling module has a direct impact on reducing energy consumption and pressure drop.

The main advantages of the ACT series cooler with dryer include:

  • low pressure drop even with load fluctuations;
  • constant pressure dew point under different load conditions.

ACT series components (from refrigerant to construction materials), have been selected with maximum respect for the environment and recyclability.

The operation of the cooler with dryer is monitored by a digital thermometer in the control panel.

The latest development is the precise and accurate hot gas bypass valve, which prevents the formation of ice inside the evaporator at any load.

We set the valve during the final test and no further adjustments are needed. There is only one valve model for each refrigerant used.

Air-to-air and air-to-refrigerant heat exchangers and a demister type condensate separator are placed in a unique module.

Temporary electronic trigger available on all models.

Discharge and pause times can be adjust.

There is a drain with zero losses as an option.

The large size of the condenser ensures maximum efficiency of the refrigerant circuit and the ability to work with changes in ambient conditions.

Access to condenser to cleaning and maintenance is quick and simple. 

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Weight 103 kg
Dimensions 55 × 25 × 95 cm


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