Triangular ladder, anchored C161.TP.652 – 6.5 m

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Triangular ladder, anchored C161.TP.652

Minimum breaking load: 15 kN
Max. working load: 3 kN
Max. vertical working load: 3 kN
Weight: 31 kg

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Triangular ladder, anchored C161.TP.652

Triangular ladder, anchored, made of light aluminum alloy.

This ladder is primarily an optimal trapezoidal shape.

The steps are made of non-slip material, which is why it is very safe.

Hooks made of hardened galvanized steel.

Total length: 6.5 m. Composed of two sections – length of each part: 4.5 + 2 m

The set includes a fixed hook on the pole, with a clearance of 220 mm, and a swivel hook for hanging on the cable, used in a horizontal position.


GG2 – Swivel, folding hook for hanging on a pole, with a clearance of 220 mm, replacing a fixed hook
01 – Hook for hanging on the cord with a nylon pulley
AS – One-sided slat for DA1 fall protection
DA1 – Anti-fall protection with fall absorber, nylon strap and carabiner

Other ladders available in our Online Shop. 

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 420 × 40 × 60 cm


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