Hydraulic line-car – F1200.04

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Hydraulic line-car – F1200.04

Honda engine
Type 4 stroke gasoline
Power 5 hp
Air cooled
12 volt electric start


Diameter of cables 19 to 40 mm Single line
2 wires horizontally, spacing 40,50,60 cm
2 wires vertical spacing 40.50 cm
Bundle of 3 cables, 40.50 cm spacing
Bundle of 4 wires, 40 cm apart
max. Slope 25°dry 15°wet


Dimensions 2300x1100x1500mm
Curb weight: 217 kg
payload:200 kg

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F1200.04 Hydraulic line-car

Hydraulic line-car for general purpose.

Hydraulically driven.

With hydraulic lifting arms as well as anti-fall protection.

Designed primarily for overcoming poles through insulators quickly and safely on through poles.

Solid welded aluminum frame.

The hydraulic linear trolley is available in various versions according to the customer’s needs.

Designed for cables with a diameter of 19 to 40 mm.

It can be used on 1 to 4-wire lines.

Single line

2 wires horizontally (spacing 40,50,60 cm)
2 wires vertically (distance 40.50 cm)

Bundle of 3 wires      (spacing 40.50 cm)
Bundle of 4 wires      (spacing 40 cm)

Powered by a 5 hp Honda engine.

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Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 2400 × 1200 × 160 cm

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