Gin pole – C158.1000.204 – 20m /4

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Gin pole – C158.1000.204 – 20m /4

Capacity (P = Q + T)

P1 a=0° 10000 daN

P2 a=20° 7000 daN

P3 a=20° 2400 daN

Total length 20 m

Weight of the base 60 kg

Lengths 5m+5m+5m+5m

Standard version 298 kg

.INT version 335kg

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Gin pole – C158.1000.204 – 20m /4

Gin poles made of aluminium alloy tubular structure welded with TIG system.

Made of two or more separated sections.

Working Capacity: 1000 to 10000 daN (note: the real capacity depends on the angle of use).

Standard lengths: 6 to 20 m.

Available in two versions: with external wire-rope passage (standard) or internal wire-rope passage (optional).

Complete of swivelling head, base with ground plate and base hook for tower attachment.


INT Device for internal wire-rope passage, available for gin poles long 12 m or more.

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