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Single sheave running out block F144.50.70

567,26$ 567,26$

Mounting roller F144.50.70

Dimensions (mm):
A 40
A1 27
A2 27
B 20
C 150
E 68
F 188
G 630

Breaking load above DaN 12,000
Weight – 25 kg

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Mounting roller F144.50.70

The mounting roller is a single pulley of the mounting block primarily for tensioning overhead lines.

Aluminum sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings.

Grooves lined with nylon lining.

Openable frame made of galvanized steel with anti-slip protection.

Standard swivel fork mount.

SPECIALLY FOR OPGW: mounting block mod. F144.100.60 is designed for fiber optic cables


301.2 Fixed hook (code FT).
301.1 Swivel hook (code GG).
314 – Groove lined with aluminum lining (only for grooved discs with widths E= 60, 68 and 95 mm).
327 – Anti-slip protection half the circumference of the pulley (standard on mod. F150).
326 – Ground rollers (only for slotted discs with widths E= 60, 68 and 95 mm; opt.314 required).
329 – 6 m copper cable with transparent PVC insulation, with tower clamp and clamp block for mounting block (for option 326 and 326.1).
328 – Special U-shaped frame.
320 – Box for transport and storage.

Other models to view are in our catalogue, as well as available for purchase in our online store.

Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 70 × 30 × 90 cm


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