Rotair screw compressor oil filter 099-007-S

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Rotair screw compressor oil filter 099-007-S

Suitable for 7 bar models: VRK 200, VRK 20, MDVN 31 K

The screw compressor oil filter should be replaced approximately every 500 hours of compressor operation.

For Rotair screw compressors, the use of genuine oil filters is important. Original Rotair filters are specially adapted to the compressor model, which guarantees their perfect compatibility and efficiency.

A properly selected Rotair oil filter will effectively ensure high quality oil for the screw compressor.

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Rotair screw compressor oil filter 099-007-S

The screw compressor oil filter plays a key role in keeping the engine clean and efficient. Its main task is to clean the oil that circulates in the lubrication system, eliminating impurities and solid particles. The oil filter is necessary to maintain the proper quality of the oil and extend the life of the screw system.

The Rotair oil filter is designed to effectively retain particles of dirt, such as dust particles, pollen and sediment. Thanks to the use of high-quality filter materials and precise workmanship, the Rotair oil filter effectively eliminates these impurities, providing clean oil for the screw compressor.

Regular maintenance and replacement of the oil filter are essential to keep your compressor operating at its optimum. A dirty oil filter can lead to dirt entering the screw chamber, which in turn can result in damage to the oil filter and loss of performance. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the maintenance schedule and replace the filter regularly as recommended by the manufacturer.

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