Disinfection tunnel – X-MIST 100OZ – ozonation

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X-MIST 100 OZ disinfection tunnel

1 meter long disinfection tunnel equipped with the Tersano Sao-24 system
Designed to disinfect 200-300 people – per hour.
Our Ozonator is a precise pressure nebulization to avoid wet clothes – a very fine mist.

Physical parameters:

  • X-Mist ST100 OZ Specifications
  • Spray system
  • 5 300µm stainless steel nozzles
  • Water consumption 0.7L/min
  • Piston pump
  • 100 bar – 60 l/h – 0.55 kW
  • Disinfectant
  • Stabilized aqueous ozone
  • Water connection 1” – CEE 16A 220V electrical plug

The ozonation system is ready for use, you only need to connect water and electricity.
It is possible to take ozonated water from the tank located in the control cabinet.

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Disinfection tunnel 1m – X-MIST 100 OZ

The disinfection tunnel with ozonation is an excellent solution primarily in the fight against COVID-19 19 in all enterprises and public places.

Quality confirmed by EPA and Green Seal certificates. ASTM test certified 5 log (99.999%) bacterial inactivation on exposed surfaces, even on food.

The X-MIST models are an automatic decontamination tunnel. Solid structure made of painted and galvanized sheet metal, transparent side viewing panels, easy access also for wheelchairs and people with reduced mobility.

The nozzles spray a solution of water and ozone on people. TRIME uses the TERSANO SAO, Stabilized Aquous Ozone system. The system is certified and safe for humans.

People entering the tunnel are exposed to fog for 5–7 seconds. Ozone quickly and easily disinfects all exposed surfaces without risk. Precise nebulization to avoid wet effect and reduce water consumption

Ozonation is primarily a proven technology, fully ecological and biodegradable

Ozonation is a method of disinfection without the use of chemicals, in which the natural disinfector is ozone. However, its main advantage is primarily safety, efficiency, ecology and economy. Ozone effectively removes unpleasant odors, leaving the air free from bacteria as well as fungi, viruses, allergens and other pathogens.

✅ First of all, it disinfects all surfaces – without chemicals.

✅ Ozonation mainly reduces the risk of infection by COVID19.

✅ First of all, it eliminates the access of viruses by passing through the control tunnel.

✅ On the other hand, it is completely safe for people and the environment, it does not cause allergies.

✅ Ozonisation does not destroy and does not discolor disinfected surfaces.

✅ Automatic activation of fine water mist based on ozone O 3.

✅ Ozone is a hypoallergenic nebulized disinfectant.

✅ Ozonisation primarily disinfects exposed skin and clothing.

✅ The X-Mist tunnel is a system primarily easy and quick to assemble and ready for many applications and repositioning thanks to its strong structure.

✅ Complete with hydraulic circuit. However, complete with a sanitary product – on request.

Easy to install at the entrance and/or exit:

  • Public offices
  • Companies
  • Medium / large factories
  • Hospitals
  • Airports and train station

The Disinfection tunnel is primarily equipped with:

  • A ramp for easy entry and exit of the tunnel
  • Photocells to activate the system
  • Emergency stop button
  • Main electrical plug 230V / 16A
  • High pressure pump
  • Water nozzles and connections
  • Tersano SAO disinfection set

There are 2 models of the disinfection tunnel, 3 m long and 1 m short, available in our online shop.

Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 100 × 128 × 235 cm


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