The Rampicar is an innovative construction hauler that provides outstanding functionality and versatility on the construction site. It is a compact vehicle, specially designed for moving in difficult terrain and handling heavy loads.

Rampicar is equipped with a powerful engine and a solid construction that allows it to move over uneven terrain with ease. Thanks to its compact size, it can move freely even in tight spaces, which makes it an invaluable tool on the construction site.

One of the most important features of the Rampicar is its ability to lift and carry heavy loads. Equipped with specialized lifts and safety systems, this hauler enables efficient handling of construction materials, crates, beams or pallets. Thanks to this, you can save time and effort of employees, while increasing work efficiency on the construction site.

Rampicar is also very versatile in terms of adapting to different tasks. It can be equipped with specialized tools and accessories, such as a jackhammer or drill, which makes it even more useful. As a result, this dumper can be used for a variety of jobs, such as demolition, drilling holes and material handling.

An important advantage of the Rampicar is also its ease of use. Thanks to the ergonomically designed operator’s cabin and intuitive controls, driving the truck is simple and comfortable. The operator can have full control over the movement and functions of the Rampicar, which translates into greater safety and precision in the tasks performed.

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