Rampicar – R70 mini dumper – base vehicle – Rotair

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Honda GX270

Gasoline Engine

Honda GX390


Diesel Engine

Yanmar L100AE


Displacement 270cc Displacement 389cc Displacement 406cc
Max power 6.0kW(8.0HP)/3600rpm Max power 8.7kW(11.7KM)/3600rpm Maximum power 7.4 kW (10 HP)/ 3600 rpm
Boot : manual Starting: electric starter Starting: electric starter


Rampicar  – R70 – Rotair – mini dumper – Basic vehicle

Rampicar R70 mini dumper by Rotair is all-round mini dumper mounted on tracks.

This set includes:

– base on tracks DMC 800kg

– electric start from the battery

– hydraulic distributor with 3 regulators

– quick-connectors for changing accessories

– hydraulic pump – capacity 3cc


Rampicar is a multifunctional device with easily-replaceable accessories and add-ons.

This is a new work concept, better performance and ease of use, thanks to simple operation and a powerful engine.

 Mini-dumper Rampicar is today the leader, mainly thanks to its innovative and reliable hydraulic drive.

Thanks to its solid reliability and ease of use is necessary for all activities related to, among others, construction, gardening, agriculture and various services.

Perfect for use in harsh environments ground conditions and necessary for the quick movement of various materials.

Also fully hydraulic tilting the load box is a simple and practical solution.

At the same time, specially profiled track structure tread, provides excellent adhesion to the ground, even on the most slippery and muddy terrain.

Fully hydrostatic twin pump transmission, variable displacement and each track controlled by a fixed displacement engine.

Simultaneously has a payload of more than 1102 lbs, both with a tipper body and a load box with an opening side.

THIS IS A MULTI-TASKING Rampicar R70 mini dumper IDEAL FOR:


Increased vehicle stability in all working situations thanks to the lower center of gravity.

The Rampicar is also a very economical to use.

Solid construction thanks to special body , ensuring increased resistance to torsion in relation to the required load level.

The element

Weight 750 kg

GX270 8KM/6kW, GX390 11,7KM/7,7kW, Yanmar L100AE 10KM/7,4kW

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