Petrol tracked dumper

The Rampicar Petrol tracked dumper is a reliable and efficient construction tool that greatly facilitates the transport and unloading of materials on the construction site. Thanks to the combustion engine, this tipper is ready to take on even the toughest jobs, ensuring reliability and performance in a variety of conditions.

One of the main advantages of the Rampicar Petrol tracked dumper is its high load capacity. Equipped with a solid load box, this tipper can accommodate large amounts of building materials, rubble, earth or other loose substances. Thanks to the tipping capacity, the operator can precisely unload the load in the selected place, which significantly improves the construction process and minimizes the loss of time and effort.

Mobility is another important aspect of the Rampicar Petrol tracked dumper. Thanks to its compact design, this tipper can move freely around the construction site, even in confined spaces. This is extremely useful, especially where larger vehicles would have difficulty maneuvering. The Rampicar tipper allows the operator to efficiently deliver materials to where they are needed without having to make repeated trips.

The Rampicar diesel dump truck also offers simple operation and intuitive controls. The operator’s cabin is ergonomically designed, ensuring convenience and comfort during work. The operator has full control over all functions of the tipper, which translates into precise maneuvering and effective use of its potential.

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