Cable lubricant

Cable lubricant is a preparation that is used to facilitate the installation of pipes, pulling cables and blowing optical fibers.

Its main function is to reduce friction inside the pipe or other conduits, allowing for a smoother and more efficient entry of cables and wires during their installation. Cable lubricant is usually used in cases where the installation of pipes and cables is long.

This preparation can be used in various types of pipe installations, such as water pipes, HDPE or industrial pipes. Sliding fluid has a very wide range of applications and is extremely effective in reducing internal friction in pipes.

The easy-to-use gel makes it easy to spread the product over the cables without dripping or losing grease.

The liquid is very easy to use and in return can speed up the process of inserting cables, pipes or optical fibers by up to 50%.

This makes the installation process easier and faster. Sliding fluids not only make pipe installation easier, but also reduce the risk of damage to wires and cables during the installation process.

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