Screw compressor oil separator Rotair 157-170-S

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Rotair 157-170-S screw compressor oil-air separator

Fits the VRK 200 model

The screw compressor oil separator should be replaced approximately every 2000 hours of compressor operation.

Genuine Rotair parts are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure reliability and compatibility with your specific compressor model.
A properly selected and installed oil-air separator will work effectively and ensure optimal operating conditions for the compressor.

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Screw compressor oil separator Rotair 157-170-S

Rotair screw compressor oil separator is a key element that is designed to effectively separate oil from compressed air. This is essential to maintain high air quality and ensure optimal performance

The Rotair oil-air separator is specifically designed to retain oil particles that may be present in compressed air. The internal separating design effectively separates the oil from the air, resulting in cleaner and drier compressed air.

The operation of an oil-air separator is based on the density difference between oil and air. During the flow of the air-oil mixture, the separator uses vortex flow and special filter elements that retain oil particles. The separated oil is then discharged from the system and clean air is sent for further use.

It is important to regularly monitor the condition of the oil-air separator and maintain it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. A clogged or worn separator can lead to oil entering the supply system, which can damage the compressor and adversely affect compressed air quality. Regular maintenance, cleaning or replacement of the separator will ensure optimal compressor performance and reliability.

The use of a genuine oil-air separator is recommended for the Rotair compressor.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 20 cm


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