Screw compressor oil filter Rotair 099-012-S

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Rotair Screw compressor oil filter 099-012-S

Suitable for 11-15 bar models: VRK 200, VRK 20

The screw compressor oil filter should be replaced approximately every 1000 hours of compressor operation.

It is important to use genuine Rotair screw compressor oil filters to ensure optimal performance and compliance with manufacturer’s specifications.
Regular replacement of compressor oil filters is a key factor in maintaining high quality compressed air and achieving the best performance from your Rotair screw compressor.

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Screw compressor oil filter Rotair 099-012-S

The screw compressor oil filter is an extremely important component in a Rotair screw compressor as it plays a key role in keeping the engine lubrication system clean and efficient. Its main task is to retain contaminants such as dust particles, metal filings, soot or other particles that may be in the oil.

The Rotair’s air compressor oil filter is designed to effectively remove impurities and protect the screw chamber from their negative impact.

For oil filters on Rotair air compressors, it is recommended to use genuine filters that are specially tailored to the compressor’s requirements and guarantee the highest quality and performance.
Cooperation with authorized services and care for regular inspections and replacement of oil filters will contribute to optimal operation of the Rotair screw compressor and increase its reliability and durability.

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