Innenziehkopf, chytak do rur, ciągadło do rur pulling eye pipe puller

Pulling head pipe puller – GD50 – diameter 50 mm


Pulling eye pipe puller – GD50

Outer diameter: 50 mm

Diameter range : 39/ 47 mm

Screw: M12

Weight: 0,90 kg

Strength much greater than the strength of the pipe.


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Pulling head pipe puller – GD50 – diameter 50 mm

The pulling head pipe puller is used to pull in plastic pipes.

A pulling eye pipe puller is used to install pipes during drilling and jacking.

The pulling eye pipe puller guarantees tightness.

Properly matched steel and clamping teeth.

Puller protected against corrosion.

Available 2 types of pullers :

  • with a protective jacket
  • smooth (without elements protruding beyond the outer diameter of the pipe)

Other diameters are also available in our store (various purchase prices)  :

D32, D40, D50, D63, D75, D90, D110, D125, D140, D160, D180, D200, D225, D250, D280, D315, D 355, D400.

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