Rotair compressor oil filter – 099-008-S – MDVN53K compressor

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Rotair  oil filter – 099-008-S

MDVN53K compressor

The compressor motor air filter element should be replaced approximately every 500 hours of compressor operation or once a year.

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Rotair  oil filter – 099-008-S – MDVN53K 


Compressor oil filter significantly extends the life of the Rotair compressors.

The oil stream flows through the filter in the compressor and impurities are removed.

The filter cleans the oil before it enters the compressor system.

Oil filter primarily prevents impurities from entering the compressor.

Thus, it reduces the potential damage to bearings and other components in the compressor.

On the other hand, if the filter is not replaced, it primarily causes pressure drops in the compressor, which leads to damage to the bearings and the compressor itself.

Rotair compressor filters –MDVN53K filter set .

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