Mechanical shears, hydraulic TIRFOR C15

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• The head can be rotated 180° to allow the operator to work in the most comfortable position.
• Safety valve that automatically bypasses the oil when max
• Release device that can be controlled at any stage of work.
• Pair of spare blades C15.40.1.L.

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Mechanical and hydraulic shears TIRFOR C15

The Model C15 mechanical shears are manually operated hydraulic cutters.

Intended primarily for cutting ropes and copper, aluminum, aluminum, steel and steel-aluminum wires.

Italian company product OMAC


  • Two speeds of operation: high speed to get the blade close to the wire quickly, and low speed to cut.
  • Blades made of special, reinforced steel.
  • Open head with locking mechanism for cutting retractable cables.
  • 90° swivel head allows the operator to work in the most comfortable position.

Cutters ModelC12 / C13 are manual cutters designed mainly for wires and shielded cables.

The manual cutter allows you to gradually cut the wire with minimal effort.

Insulated handles tested at 20,000 volts.

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