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Diesel air compressor 14 bar 3000 l/min Rotair MDVN 53 Eco5

27 332,44$ 27 332,44$

Mobile screw compressor MDVN 53 Eco 5 with aftercooler

Ideal for fiber optics blowers, sand blasting and dry ice blasting.

Air flow: 3000 l/min | 106 cfm
Working pressure: 14 bar | 203 psi
Engine: Kohler STAGE V
Engine power: 36.5 kW | 49 hp
Direct drive

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Diesel air compressor 14 bar 3000 l/min MDVN 53 Eco 5 – with aftercooler

Rotair Diesel air compressor with a new, more modern design. Compressor with compact dimensions, ideal for easy operation, with a high level of efficiency and work culture.

Compressor mounted on a mobile chassis with adjustable drawbar and lights, to be towed on the road.
Version with brake system. It is approved for registration.

The “INTELLIGENT SYSTEM” Start/Stop provided by ROTAIR avoids the risk of incorrect procedures when starting and stopping work.

Galvanically galvanized body and high-class painting system provide excellent anti-corrosion protection for many years of use.

The screwcompressor is equipped with a standard version:

  • Canned filters for quick maintenance.
  • Full availability for quick maintenance and service.
  • European approval for road use with or without brakes.
  • Extremely effective pneumatic control system developed by ROTAIR for automatic engine speed control depending on the volume of supplied air. The system is highly reliable and ensures low fuel consumption.
  • The air/oil separator filter provides excellent air/oil separation.
  • Compressor air and oil filters and engine air and oil filters work independently.
  • One-stage oversized compressor air filter that guarantees good intake air filtration.
  • Two-stage engine air filter.
  • Combined cooler for cooling compressor oil and engine coolant.


24 months for the combustion engine (max. 1,500 mth)
24 months for a set of screws, extendable to 5 years
12 months for engine equipment

Versions are also available:

  • 7 bar 5000 l/min
  • 10 bar 3950 l/min
  • 12 bar 3500 l/min

A version without a brake system and without cooling is also available.

Each version of air screwcompressor can be mounted on a SKID base for stationary use, the options of which can be found in our online store.

Weight 1020 kg
Dimensions 330 × 152 × 150 cm


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