Engine oil filter GX690 Honda 099-031-S

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Honda GX690 engine oil filter 099-031-S

Fits all VRK 200 and VRK 20 models.

The original GX690 engine oil filter should be replaced approximately every 250 hours of operation.

Regular maintenance and oil filter replacement are key steps to keep your Honda GX 690 engine running at full capacity and efficiency for many years to come.

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Honda GX690 engine oil filter 099-031-S

The oil filter is an extremely important element in the Honda GX 690 engine, ensuring effective protection and maintaining high quality of the lubricating oil. Its job is to trap contaminants, metal chips and other particles that may be present in the oil and can potentially damage the engine.

Genuine Honda GX 690 engine oil filter is specially designed to effectively remove contaminants and keep the oil clean. Made of high-quality filtering materials, it has an appropriate structure that allows the retention of fine particles of impurities, while ensuring free flow of oil through the filter.

Replacing the oil filter in the Honda GX 690 engine is a simple process, and it is recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for replacement intervals. Typically, the oil filter is replaced together with the regular engine inspection or after a certain number of operating hours. This allows you to maintain optimal engine lubrication parameters, minimizing the risk of failure and loss of performance in Rotair screw compressors.

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