Screw compressor oil separator Rotair 157-171-S

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Rotair screw compressor oil separator 157-171-S

Fits MDVN 31K model

The screw compressor oil separator should be replaced approximately every 1000 hours of compressor operation.

Original Rotair oil separators are specifically designed and manufactured to ensure effective separation of oil from air and minimize its presence in compressed air.
A properly selected oil separator guarantees not only clean air, but also longer compressor life and lower maintenance costs.

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Rotair screw compressor oil separator 157-171-S

Rotair screw compressor oil separator is a key element that is designed to effectively separate oil from compressed air. This is important to maintain high air quality and ensure optimal compressor performance.

The oil separator in the Rotair compressor works on the principle of centrifugation and filtration. The main purpose of the separator is to catch and retain oil droplets that can be carried by a stream of compressed air. As a result of air rotation in the separator, oil drops separate from the air and settle on the walls of the separator or flow into a special tank. In this way, clean air is further directed to the rest of the system and the separated oil can be discharged from the system.

The air-oil separator in a Rotair compressor must be maintained regularly to ensure its effective operation. Check and clean the separator regularly to remove accumulated oil and deposits. Depending on how the compressor is used, it is also recommended that the separator be replaced periodically to ensure optimum oil separation performance and efficiency.

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