Air compressor 14 bar

A 14 bar air compressor, such as those offered by Rotair, are versatile tools that have found their application in various fields. Thanks to their high performance and reliability, they excel in three key areas: fiber optic blowing, sandblasting and dry ice blasting.

Fiber optic blowing is a process in which 14 bar air compressors are irreplaceable. They are used to power fiber optic blowers, which insert fibers into existing telecommunications networks. Thanks to their high pressure, the compressors are able to route optical fibers over long distances, ensuring reliable and fast connections. This is extremely important nowadays, when more and more people are using broadband Internet.

Another area of application for 14 bar air compressor is sand blasting. Sandblasting is a method of removing coatings, corrosion and other contaminants from surfaces. High pressure compressors can effectively blow sand or other abrasive materials to clean surfaces such as steel, concrete and wood. The sandblasting process is widely used in industry, maintenance and refurbishment, providing exceptional surface quality.

Dry ice blasting, also known as cryogenic blasting, is another application of 14 bar air compressors. Dry ice, or liquefied carbon dioxide, is used to remove contaminants, paints, oils and other substances from various surfaces. Rotair compressors provide not only the right pressure for the dry ice chiller, but also the right temperature of the compressed air.

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