Double eye cable stocking

The Double eye cable stocking is a versatile element used in the cable industry. It is a flexible cover designed to run two cables or wires at the same time.

Thanks to its innovative design, the double-ear cable sheath enables easy and safe routing of two cables at the same time. The flexible ear ensures precise adjustment to the diameters of the cables, which facilitates the process of threading them and minimizes the risk of damage.

It is the perfect tool for both indoor and outdoor installations, providing reliable protection and safe cable routing in a variety of environments.

This practical tool is widely used in the electrical and telecommunications industries, as well as in alarm and industrial installations. It is perfect for installing new cables as well as for maintaining existing systems.

To sum up, the Double eye cable stocking is an indispensable tool in the cable industry, enabling the simultaneous routing of two cables or wires. Thanks to its flexible design and protective function, it ensures efficiency, safety and reliability during cable installation and maintenance.

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