cable stocking

A cable stocking is a compression bandage made of steel or aluminum. They are used to protect cables and wires against mechanical damage and abrasion during pulling and pulling cables and wires.

the construction of our cable stockings is characterized by the highest durability on the Polish market and a special construction that allows for quick and solid pulling of cables.

The cable stocking is used in many industries, including electrical engineering, telecommunications and energy.

Cable stockings are available in various sizes and colors, which allows them to be adapted to the individual needs of the user. Thanks to this, they are used both in small installations and in large cable systems.

Their flexibility allows for easy adjustment to cables of various diameters and for routing them in hard-to-reach places. In addition, cable stockings are easy to install, saving time and money when installing cables.

If it is necessary to protect cables and wires from damage, cable stockings are irreplaceable. Thanks to them, you can avoid damage to cables during installation and extend the service life of cables and wires.

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