Cable grip with swivel adjustment

Cable Pulling Grip with Swivel: Efficient Helpers for Cable Installation

The installation of cables and wires can often be a tedious and time-consuming task. Specialized tools and equipment are crucial to efficiently and safely carry out the work. An indispensable tool in this field is the cable pulling grip with swivel. In this article, we will take a closer look at this useful tool and examine some well-known brands like KATIMEX, Bagela, Vetter, and runpotec, which offer high-quality cable pulling grips for fiber optic cabling and other applications.

What is a Cable Pulling Grip?

A cable pulling grip is a tool specifically designed for pulling cables and wires. It is made of a flexible and robust material that tightly grips around the cables, enabling a secure and stable pull. Cable pulling grips come in various sizes and load capacities to meet the requirements of different projects.

Cable Pulling Grip with Swivel

The swivel feature is a crucial characteristic of cable pulling grips. When pulling cables and wires, they can get tangled due to their rotation or twist, leading to delays or damages. The cable pulling grip with swivel addresses this issue by compensating for the rotational movement, allowing for smooth pulling. This is particularly important when installing fiber optic cables or other sensitive lines to prevent any damage and ensure optimal performance.

KATIMEX Cable Pulling Grip

KATIMEX is a renowned manufacturer of cable pulling grips and offers a wide range of products for various applications. Their cable pulling grips are known for their high-quality materials and robust construction, ensuring reliable performance.

Bagela Cable Pulling Grips

Bagela is another reputable manufacturer of cable pulling grips. Their products are valued for their durability and efficiency and are frequently used by professionals in the industry.

Vetter Cable Pulling Grip

Vetter also offers a wide selection of cable pulling grips, including models with swivel. Their products are well-regarded in various industries and are known for their reliability.

Runpotec Cable Pulling Grip

Runpotec specializes in innovative solutions for cable installation. Their cable pulling grips with swivel are designed to make cable pulling as easy as possible.

Cable Pulling Grip with Loop

Some cable pulling grips feature a loop at the end, making it easier to attach to winches or other pulling devices. This practical feature allows for quick and straightforward attachment of the cable pulling grip, saving time during installation.


The cable pulling grip with swivel is an essential tool for efficiently installing cables and wires. Brands like KATIMEX, Bagela, Vetter, and runpotec offer high-quality products for various applications, including demanding fiber optic cabling. When purchasing a cable pulling grip, it is crucial to consider the quality of the material, load capacity, and the specific requirements of the project to ensure a successful and smooth cable installation.

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