Stump grinder

One of the key features of the stump grinder that sets the Dipperfox apart from the competition is the use of a patented gearbox that automatically adjusts speed and power depending on the resistance of the stump, soil and roots. Thanks to this, the milling machine works faster and more efficiently, which allows you to remove up to 180 stumps in one hour.

The Dipperfox 850 PRO tree stump grinder can be used with excavators weighing from 14 to 30 tons, and the bolt-on blades are made of extremely durable steel. The device is fully hydraulic, which means that it does not need electricity or cables to connect.

The innovative Dipperfox technology allows for grubbing up tree trunks in an ecological way, because the ground stump will be used as fertilizer for future plantings, and the places where trees are felled do not require additional land clearing equipment and new trees can be planted on them.

The Dipperfox 850 PRO stump grinder is a unique tool that allows for quick and effective removal of tree trunks without the need for additional equipment. The innovative technology used in it makes it one of the most advanced and ecological milling machines available on the market.

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