mole for jacking Terma

Mole for jacking Terma MAX is an advanced and effective tool that provides excellent solutions in the field of trenchless technology. It is an innovative device that enables precise and effective underground work, minimizing disturbance to the environment and saving time and costs.

One of the key features of the Terma MAX jacking mole is its powerful driving power. Equipped with an advanced hydraulic motor, this device is capable of generating great force, allowing pipes, cables and other installations to be moved over long distances. Thanks to this, Terma MAX copes with various types of ground, such as earth, sand or stones, ensuring a smooth and precise jacking process.

Mole for jacking Terma MAX is also distinguished by its reliability and durability. The construction of the device has been carefully designed to ensure long-term performance in harsh working conditions. Solid materials and precise workmanship guarantee reliability and safety during jacking.

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