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Single sheave block – F144.50.70.E

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Single sheave block – F144.50.70.E

Single sheave block block fit for stringing a pilot rope by helicopter.

Proper devices allow you to place the hauling rope in the groove of the pulley, and therefore prevent it from slipping.

The pulley is made of cast aluminum and mounted on sealed bearings.

Grooves lined with replaceable nylon lining.

Galvanized steel frame.

Fix attachment


314 – Sheaves lined with aluminium sectors (only for groove discs with widths C=60, 68 or  95mm).
326 – Grounding device ( only for grooved discs with
widths C= 60, 68 or 95 mm; required option 314).
327 – non-fleeting device on half wheel circumference

329 – 6m copper cable with clear
< span id=”page582R_mcid13″ class=”markedContent”>PVC insulation, with clamp for tower and block

clamping block (up to option 326)</ span>

Other models of blocks can be viewed in our catalogue, as well as available for purchase in our shop


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