Cable entry for pipes C110.E.09 – 110 mm

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Our cable entry features:

  • suitable for wall sleeves with an outer diameter of 110mm
  • adjustable and adaptable to the inner diameter of the pipe
  • very easy assembly, one part opens for cable installation
  • galvanized steel frame
  • irreplaceable in wells, culverts and bends

Cable entry for pipes C110.E.09 – 110 mm without rollers, adjustable

Adjustable cable entry for pipes is an effective solution for pulling cables. Thanks to the possibility of adjustment, the entries can be adapted to different sizes of cables and pipes, which allows for flexibility in installation.

The groove protects against damage

The inlet socket, which is a key element of the adjustable inlet, protects the cable from damage during pulling. In addition, the adjustable spline reduces the pulling force during installation, which minimizes the risk of cable damage.

Cable entries are made of the highest quality materials, such as polyamide, which guarantees resistance to various weather conditions, mud, dirt and water. Thanks to this, cable entries can be used in various environments, including hard-to-reach places with unfavorable conditions.

Easy installation and customization

Adjustable pipe entries are easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing for quick and hassle-free cable replacement. In addition, they are available in different sizes, which allows for flexible adaptation of the cable gland to the specific requirements of cable installations.

The use of adjustable pipe inlets has a positive effect on the safety of the installation. By minimizing the risk of cable damage, cable entries also reduce the risk of dangerous situations such as short circuits or fires.

All in all, adjustable cable entries for pipes are an effective, easy to install and flexible solution for cable routing. Their resistance to various weather conditions and mud makes them an ideal solution for cable installation in hard-to-reach places.

Other cable glands are available at online shop .

Weight 5 kg


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