Soil displacement hammer TERMA MAX K180S – ⌀ 180mm

10 072,40$ 10 072,40$

Includes only pneumatic impact mole

Pneumatic mole Terma MAX K180

Diameter: 180mm
Length: 2256mm
Weight: 275 kg
Air demand: from 4.5 m3/min
(recommended compressor with a capacity of 5.0 m3/min)
Working pressure: 7 atm
Impact energy 1140 joules
Impact frequency: 5 Hz

Soil displacement hammer MAX K180S – diameter 180 mm

The MAX K180S Soil displacement hammer from Terma Max is a new product from the offer.

The need to fill the gap in the offer with such a machine was dictated by the changing requirements for minimum pipe diameters for all types of installations. Starting from water supply and ending with gas and ICT.

Just a few years ago, the most popular “mole” were 130 moles, i.e. moles with a diameter of 130 mm, which are ideal for the installation of a Ø110 mm pipe. But recently, more and more often there is a need to install pipes with diameters of Ø160mm.

The MAX K180SMole is designed primarily for pulling Ø160mm plastic pipes, as well as for driving steel casing pipes with diameters up to 406 mm.

The reverse gear is pneumatically controlled by a lever located on the oiler, so its operation is also simple and safe. Low air demand, compatibility with accessories from MAX K130S and MAX K160S as well as precision and speed of work.

Impact mole MAX K180S is mostly use in:

  • Performing independent jacking with a diameter of 180 mm,
  • Making jacking using reamers 219 mm, 244 mm,
  • Pulling PE, PVC pipes 140-160 mm directly behind the machine,
  • Pulling PE, PVC pipes 180-225 mm with the use of additional accessories,
  • Hammering of steel pipes up to 406 mm diameter using cones


  • Easy operation and changing the direction of the machine’s operation through a pneumatic valve located in the oiler/control station
  • Very high accuracy of jacking operations
  • High impact energy and consequently high speed of work

24 months warranty. However, during the warranty period, the cost of delivering the machine to the service (via a courier company indicated by the manufacturer) is covered by the manufacturer.

Offer includes:

Other moles available from us at Online shop.

Weight 275 kg
Dimensions 226 × 40 × 40 cm


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