Rotair portable air compressor 7 bar 3 m3 DS 31K

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Mobile screw compressor Rotair – DS 31K

Working pressure – 7 bar – 102 psi
Air flow – 3000 L
Engine – Kubota
Engine power – 26.2 kW – 35.0 hp

For sale outside the European Union.

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Rotair portable air compressor DS 31K – 7 bar 3000 L

Rotair portable air compressor in a compact box type housing.

This compressor is quiet and the engine of the Kubota Tier 3 engine, without the expensive DPF system.

Standard equipment of Rotair air compressor:

  • Extremely effective compressed air control system by Rotair for automatic engine speed control to obtain air supply. This system is created and provides a source of origin.
  • Galvanized body
  • “INTELLIGENT SYSTEM” Start/Stop to test the accuracy of individual procedures during operation.
  • Hook to hold by.
  • Palletized set, enabling operation from a forklift from each side.
  • Separator/oil filter provides excellent air/oil separation.
  • while the compressor filters and oil and the air filters and oil filters are working.
  • Canned oil filters on the engine and compressor to speed up and keep maintenance down.
  • Single-stage enlarged air filter for compressor, first of all, good filtering of the supplied air.
  • Two-stage engine air filter.
  • Combined cooler supporting the cooling of the compressor oil and operating to the engine radiator.
  • Steel fuel tank, protection against cracks, splits and deformations.
  • A control panel mounted by the roadway, cooperating with air valves and release valves for easy control and a simple operator safety solution.
  • The “Easy Service” design primarily ensures availability type compatibility for ease of service.

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To outside the European Union market.

Weight 550 kg
Dimensions 167 × 75 × 87 cm


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