self-loading dumper

The Rampicar self-loading dumper is an innovative solution that changes the rules of transport and loading on the construction site. Packed with specialized features and advanced mechanisms, this hauler enables efficient and effective loading and unloading of a wide range of construction materials.

One of the key elements of the Rampicar self-loading dumper is its capacious loading platform. This specially designed platform allows easy and safe loading of various materials such as sand, gravel, rubble and other bulk materials. Thanks to this, the Rampicar self-loading dumper eliminates the need for manual loading and speeds up the entire transport process on the construction site.

Rampicar is equipped with an advanced self-loading mechanism that enables controlled and precise unloading. This allows the operator to precisely set the level and manner of unloading materials, ensuring accuracy and safety. This significantly improves construction processes and saves time and effort of employees.

An additional advantage of the Rampicar self-loading dumper is its mobility and maneuverability. Thanks to its compact size and agility, this hauler is able to move freely in tight spaces and restricted access areas. Regardless of difficult terrain conditions or narrow aisles, Rampicar can efficiently deliver materials to where they are needed.

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