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Conductor stringing block ⌀ 300 mm – OMAC Italy F150.23.1

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Overhead stringing pulley – F150.23.1

Working Load: 27 kN
Breaking load: 8100 daN
Weight: 9 kg
Aluminium single sheave running out block fit for stringing one conductor.
Transport rollers for high voltage cables.

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Conductor stringing block ⌀ 300 mm –  F150.23.1

Conductor stringing block made of aluminium, designed for overhead HV lines.

Aluminium sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings.

Groove lined with nylon sectors.

Openable galvanised steel frame with non-fleeting device.

Standard swivelling fork attachment.


301.2 Fix hook (code FT).
301.1 Swivelling hook attachment (code GG).
314 Bottom groove lined with aluminium sectors (only for sheaves with groove width E= 60, 68 and 95 mm).
327 Non-fleeting device as big as half wheel circumference.
326 Grounding device (only for wheels with groove width E= 60, 68 and 95 mm;opt.314 needed).
329 Copper cable, 6-m long, with transparent PVC protection, with a clamp for tower and a terminal for the running out block (for opt.326).
328 Special U-shaped frame.
320 Box for transport and stocking.

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 70 cm


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