GLISS® is a trademark registered by Carima, introduced originally in 1978 to eliminate friction during the laying of telephone cables in alarm systems. However, it quickly proved to be indispensable not only for the installation of alarm cables but also for the assembly and disassembly of various types of wiring and cables in home installations.

With the ability to eliminate up to 70% of friction during cable laying, GLISS® is an excellent tool for carrying out electrical installations in public buildings. Due to its ease of use, fluidity, and smoothness, GLISS® is recommended for use in various environments.

The application is straightforward: during the installation of a new electrical system, spray GLISS® directly onto the wires before inserting them, or alternatively, pour GLISS® directly into the conduits before inserting the wires. To remove wiring, simply pour GLISS® directly into the conduits, wait a few seconds until the product reaches the friction point, and then pull out the cable. This tool makes working with cables more efficient and convenient.

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