Cable Gel

Cable and pipe gel is known for its excellent sliding properties, which translates into efficiency in the process of pulling cables and pipes. Here is a brief information about it:

High Slip Reduction: Cable & Pipe Gel has an impressive ability to reduce slippage when pulling cables and pipes. Thanks to this, it significantly facilitates the process of leading and laying cables.

90% Effectiveness: This gel can achieve a slip reduction of as much as 90%, which means it minimizes the risk of cables or pipes accidentally slipping out during retraction.

Works with a variety of materials: This gel works well with a variety of materials, making it a versatile solution for many applications in the electrical and telecommunications industries.

Ease of application: Despite its effectiveness, this gel is relatively easy to apply, which speeds up the installation process.

Thanks to these excellent sliding properties, Cable and Pipe Gel is an indispensable tool for cable and pipe installation professionals, contributing to the improvement of efficiency and safety of work.

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