Telescopic stick for washing photovoltaics up to 8.5 m with a brush

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Telescopic carbon fiber stick with a brush for washing photovoltaic panels

6 sections

Top diameter: 22mm

Bottom diameter: 37mm

Closed length: 1.7 m

Maximum length: 8.5 m


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Carbon fiber telescopic stick for cleaning -POLE8.5M.C – with brush and water supply.


Telescopic stick for washing photovoltaics up to 8.5 m with a brush

The telescopic stick  for washing photovoltaics is an ideal tool for solar panels, it can also be used to clean cars, trucks, vans, caravans, windows, greenhouses, boats without damaging delicate surfaces.

Finished with a light brush on one side.

Connection with a hose with a quick-coupler.

Lightweight with high stiffness – even when unfolded to the maximum height

Water powered.

Carbon fiber telescopic extension pole + panel cleaning brush.


Material: 100% carbon fiber (carbon).

Maximum length when unfolded: 8.5 m

Minimum length when folded: 1.7 m

High durability.

Light weight.</ span>

Corrosion resistant.< /span>

High pressure resistance.

High compressive strength.

We also offer Green Glass for cleaning solar panels and 11.3m long telescopic pole for washing photovoltaics!


Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 180 cm

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