Liquid for solar panels Carima Green Glass – 1 L

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Green Glass – 1 L

Product : pH 8.0 liquid

Color : green</ span>

Smellless scent</span >

Specific gravity : 1. .000 Kg/1

Solubility in water, in all proportions

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Fluid for photovoltaic panels – Carima Green Glass – 1 L

Green Glass liquid is a detergent for cleaning and washing solar and photovoltaic panels.

It is primarily used to clean the protective glass of solar and photovoltaic panels and prevents re-soiling.

A special cationic component in the composition of the liquid gives the clean surface antistatic properties.

This product is an excellent with cleaning agents for direct cleaning and to prevent and slow down the formation of dirt .

Cleans, among others: dust, sediments of various kinds, smog, grease, bird droppings.

Does not damage surfaces.

Clears and descales the panel coating.

Doesn’t leave streaks and halos after drying.

It is antistatic and does not drip during use.

Green Glass liquid is harmless to materials and people and contains less than 5% of cationic surfactants with disinfectant properties.

Cationic surfactants reduce development of mold and micro algae on the surface of the board surface even during periods of extreme humidity.

Our fluid for solar panels is an extremely effective product, while 1 L is enough for about 80-100 square meters.

HOW TO USE Green Glass liquid for photovoltaic panels:

when panels are not too hot, in the early morning or late afternoon, spray the product onto the surface. Then leave for a few seconds and wipe with a soft cloth Rinsing with water is suggested.

If you want learn more about washing solar panels CLICK HERE!

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm

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