Pressing die-F39.2565 – for aluminum

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Pressing die – F39.2565 – for aluminum


Press inserts – F39.100 and F39.120- for aluminum.

For AFL (ACSR) cables.

For clamping the lashing eyes.

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Pressing die – F39.2565 – for aluminum

Crimping die, press inserts – F39.100 and F39-120- for pressing aluminum wires.

Product by OMAC

For AFL (ACSR) cables.

Primarily for clamping strain relief clamps.

When selecting and ordering stones, check the data from the supplier of cables and holders. When ordering, please specify the symbol in accordance with the catalog card:

  • Type of clamped material: steel, copper, aluminum
  • Type of stones: hexagonal, round, tallurite

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