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High resistance dyneema rope ⌀ 14 mm 18.000 daN 23.14.D 1 m

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Dyneema Rope 23.14.D

Nominal diameter – 14 mm
Elongation under tension – 3%
Breaking load -18000 daN
Weight – 0.08 kg/m

Standard lengths – 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 2000m, 3000m
Dyneema rope is characterized by the highest strength.
Stiff, does not stretch.

Sold in any lengths.

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High resistance dyneema rope 23.14.D – 1 m

High resistance Dyneema rope, by OMAC Italy is, above all, the highest strength rope.

Lightweight and wear-resistant.

Rope supplied on wooden spools or in coils.

Optional equipment:

  • clamped eyes with metallic  collars at the ends  (note: clamped eyes have a breaking load 30 – 35% lower than the rope)
  • hand braided loop
  • loop handle
  • Steel reel ø 1100, 1400 or 1600 mm
Ropes are sold in any length.

Other rope models are available at shop.


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