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Machine Leasing plan is a great way to increase work efficiency in the power industry and earth technology.

An online store offering machinery leasing can be an ideal solution for companies that want to increase their efficiency, but do not have enough funds to invest in machinery and equipment.

Why is machinery lease plan a good solution?

Machine leas plan is great solution that gives companies the opportunity to take advantage of modern technologies without having to incur large financial outlays.

Thanks to this, the costs are spread over the leasing plan period, which means that the company has less impact on its financial liquidity. In addition, machinery leasing allows the company to use new and high-quality machines that will speed up and facilitate work.

Machine leasing plan offer on the website of our online store

In our machine leasing offer you will find a wide selection of power equipment and machines as well as earth technology. We offer the highest quality machines from renowned manufacturers such as Rotair, ELGi, OMAC Italy and Trime.

Our offer includes, among others:

  1. ELGi and Rotair air compressors are some of the most important machines in many industrial plants.
    They are used to produce compressed air, which is necessary for the operation of various devices, such as pneumatic drills, pneumatic hammers, sandblasters, spray guns and many others.
  2. OMAC Italy overhead line and cable machines are essential tools for companies involved in the construction and maintenance of electricity networks.
    In our leasing offer you will find various models of machines, e.g. aerial work platforms, mobile platforms, mobile cranes, as well as various types of cable laying machines.
  3. Trime lighting masts and power generators are essential elements of urban and road infrastructure that allow you to illuminate various areas at night.
    In our leasing offer you will find various models of masts, e.g. telescopic, hydraulic, folding and many others. All machines are modern, safe and easy to use, which allows for quick and effective assembly and disassembly of lighting.
  4. Our cable trailers are essential tools for companies involved in the construction and maintenance of power grids.
    In our leasing offer you will find various models of cable trailers, e.g. trailers with a winch, trailers with a hydraulic lift, trailers with an electronic control system and many others. All machines are fully equipped and ready to work, which allows for quick and effective performance of work related to the laying and maintenance of cable networks.

All machines offered as part of our leasing offer are new, which guarantees their reliability and efficiency. We offer flexible leasing conditions, thanks to which we will adjust the offer to the individual needs and requirements of your company.

Machine leasing is also a tax-friendly solution

Leasing costs can be included in tax deductible costs, which will allow you to reduce your income tax. It is worth noting that leasing is also more favorable in terms of tax than a loan, because the costs of leasing can be included in full as tax deductible costs, and in the case of a loan – only interest.

Comprehensive service for business clients

Using our lease plan offer, customers receive not only modern and efficient machines, but also comprehensive service, including service and technical advice. Our team of experienced specialists can help you choose the best machines for your needs, and also provide quick and effective service in the event of a breakdown or technical problems.

All machines in our leasing offer are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which gives customers the confidence that they are buying a high-quality product that will meet their requirements and expectations.

Thanks to this, our leasing plan offer is an ideal solution for companies from the power industry and earth technology, which want to increase their production capacity and at the same time minimize the risk associated with investing in new machinery and equipment.

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