Power generator

Trime is an Italian company that specializes in the production of power generators and construction site lighting equipment, and their power generator is considered among the highest quality on the market.

High performance power generator

Trime’s generators are designed for maximum performance and reliability in a variety of conditions. Using advanced engine technology and innovative design solutions, Trime generators feature high performance and durability.

Flexibility and multifunctionality

Trime generators are flexible and multifunctional, making them applicable to many industries such as construction, industry and agriculture. They can be used as a power source in emergency situations or where there is a lack of constant access to electricity.

Advanced safety features

Trime generators are equipped with a number of features that enhance the safety of their use, such as systems that protect against overheating, overloading or under-fueling. In addition, control systems allow automatic adjustment of operating parameters to changing power conditions.

Ease of operation

Trime generators are easy to operate and have intuitive user interfaces. All functions and operating parameters are displayed on an easy-to-read control panel, so users can easily adjust the genset’s operation to their needs and external conditions.

Portable design

Thanks to their portable design and ability to operate in outdoor conditions, Trime power generator is used in many industries such as construction, industry and agriculture. They can be mounted on trailers, transported by pallet truck or mounted on the ground.

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