Washing photovoltaic panels. How and by what to clean solar panels?

Cleaning solar panels, is it necessary?

You can find dozens of inquiries about the practices of washing solar panels on the web, many of them, unfortunately, do not answer important questions.

Most of the articles that can be found on the web about PV plant health improvement and maintenance are out of the question.cią.

From the very beginning, photovoltaic companies have been telling customers that “they don’t need washing“, “why if there is rain?“, “Nothing sticks to them” …

In this article, we will try to check the above arguments and get to know the facts.

We will also compare competing products that you can easily buy in online stores. Their properties and methods of use.

Facts and myths – Cleaning the photovoltaic instalation


Do photovoltaic panels need to be washed?

Deposits caused by smog, road dust, plant dust and other sediments can degrade the amount of electricity generated in a home installation by about 15%!

There are also leaves, bird droppings and other organic dirt that can reduce the production by another 10-20% depending on the amount of dirt. According to – up to 42%!

Rain alone will not wash away dirt, and it can act as a catalyst for dirt. After prolonged neglect of the installation, moss and various types of lichen may appear, which will make it difficult for the panels to work, and even damage them.

At a time where energy prices per kW from the beginning of 2022 have been increased by 37%, and the cost of distribution by 8%

This means that the average user can lose dozens of zlotys, if not a few zlotys a month, not to mention the risk of damaging the installation by water remaining there.

In addition, people who have a size-matched “home power plant”, with the next changes on April 1, 2022 in Poland, the rules for electricity storage may start to pay extra for a home solar power plant.


How many times should I wash my photovoltaic panels?

According to the recommendations of specialist companies washing panels, installations should be washed at least 2-3 times a year.

This way you will gain greater efficiency of your installation compared to dirty panels.

Good maintenance of the panels can significantly extend the intervals of washing the solar panels and their service life.


What do you need to clean solar panels?

Equipment for cleaning panels can cost tens of thousands of zlotys!

The cheapest cleaning lance can be found for over a thousand zlotys in the online store when shipping from China.

In such cases, a large proportion of people turn to specialist companies dealing with such services. Cleaning the installation producing 4 kW of energy costs from 150 to 300 PLN.

Most people then decide to wash the panels on their own by purchasing specialized photovoltaic washing liquids.

Washing photovoltaic panels is dangerous, we suggest our retail clients use the services of professionals.


Washing photovoltaic panels – how to do it?

Washing photovoltaic panels, no matter where they are located, should be disconnected before cleaning.

Make sure the panels are cool! – heated washing may be harmful if you use detergents whose chemical compounds are released due to heat.

Additionally, heated panels may crack and be damaged under the influence of temperature differences! Such a solar panel is only suitable for replacement.

If you have a roof installation, take special precautions!

The best solution is to use a long lance with fluid supply and a delicate brush with nylon or other bristles that do not scratch the surface of the panels, and a sponge that allows you to reach the roof.

A common cleaning agent is demineralized water, which allows you to clean light dirt from plant dust and dust.

Plain water should not be used because of the minerals it contains and the build-up of limescale.

With heavier dirt, you need to put more effort into washing with a brush or towels, but it is more dangerous for our installation with higher pressure.

In this case, detergents and glycol-based cleaners will be better for getting rid of heavier dirt.

Do not use high-pressure cleaners!

After finishing works, the panels should be dried with a microfiber cloth or a delicate, rubber squeegee.


Maintenance of photovoltaic panels

Photovoltaic installations and solar collectors should be checked at least once every 5 years.

Check modules, AC / DC protection, cabling and inverters, and any AC / DC route control measurements.

Additionally, some cleaning concentrates along with normal water can conduct electricity! Familiarize yourself with the ingredients of the preparations you intend to use!

We should avoid such products without expertly checking the installation first.

We recommend preparations that can extend the service life of the installation through additional detergent properties with hydrophobic and antistatic layers.


Which photovoltaic washing product to choose?

People looking for products for cleaning photovoltaics or solar collectors can find a dozen items on Allegro or in stores dedicated to photovoltaics.

We allowed ourselves to compare the properties of products that can be found on the Internet, referring to their properties, safety of use with care for ecology.

Let’s not forget that according to European Union requirements, you should use protective clothing when using chemical products with which you come into direct contact – we recommend that you comply with this requirement.


For almost a decade, we have been trying to offer our customers the best possible products while maintaining a fair starting price with top quality.

Therefore, as a Polish distributor of fluids and lubricants of Italian production of Carima, we could not miss a comprehensive product for cleaning and maintenance of panels

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